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Just like every other comprehensive account system out there, Occuvu offers all the standard functions such as enabling users to compile Quotations, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices as well as some more advanced features such as tax management allowing you to automatically pay VAT, GST and other purchase related taxes. But where the Occuvu accounting system really excels is in the innovative features available such as allowing you to link prices to commodities and currency markets, so when their prices change so do yours. A rating system regarding the customers debt risk, a unique payment system and an automated service that warns of imminent debt risks are also included.
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Reports
  • View customers outstanding balances
  • Prepare figures for auditing
  • Different currency values can be implemented for different customers. This allows businesses to expand into different markets seamlessly
  • Manage fixed assets
  • Track income and expenses for your business
  • Track jobs, sales and backorders
  • Receive and make payments using flexible methods such as cheque, BACS, occuPay, Paypal and credit card
  • View profit or loss per job along with complete job history
  • Record and reconcile multiple bank accounts and enter payments and receipts
  • Automatically informs you when accounts are ready for payment and taxes need to be paid
  • Sales and purchases can be automatically assigned tax codes according to industry specifications and can automatically be consolidated to the correct account if desired
  • Record and apply refunds and credits
  • occuPay

    occuPay allows you to send and receive payments in bulk. For instance if you have five suppliers you need to pay £1000 each. You just send one £5000 payment to Occuvu who then informs the suppliers payment has been received from you before sending your payment and any other payments to them. This is an opt in, opt out service that is free of charge.


    Customers are assigned a credit rating based on their payment history for all registered members. The rating is based on criteria such as payment speed, account hold history and credit history. Again this is free of charge and an opt in, opt out service. If you opt out your customers payment history are not used in the collation of the credit rating.

    Price Plan

    You can create flexible individual and group discount schemes for users. The price plan can be used to quickly and easily change thousands of product prices at once, this can include prices linked to the commodities and currency markets. A jewellery maker for instance could link the price of their gold necklaces to the gold commodities price. You can even set prices to be dependent on cost prices, so when the cost of a product increases so does the retail price.

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