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Contact Relationship Manager

Members have access to millions of contacts on the Occuvu database making it quick and simple to add new customers, contact potential customers, collate competitor information, expand into new markets etc. Occuvu makes sure your contact's details are kept up to date meaning your time is freed for other activities and you can feel secure in the knowledge your mail will reach the correct contact (depending of course on what sort of day your mail delivery company is having).
  • Analyse historical sales trends, understand the profile of your best customers and plan effective marketing and sales campaigns
  • Eliminate wastage in marketing by targeting very specific demographics and needs
  • Search for any contact by address, specific details, activity, product purchased, orders placed etc
  • Create profiles of your customers, keep detailed records of all conversations, contact and transactions
  • Occuvu automatically creates transaction and payment profiles
  • Potential Customers are automatically searched and grouped for you
  • Business suppliers are informed when potential customers open in a specified locations
  • New accounts can easily be set up by selecting the required business from a comprehensive business database. This means the user does not need to input address and contact details for each new account and has access to opening times, department and staff contact details
  • Account managers can track customers and are informed when customer product sales or stock levels are down
  • Customers can view their order and payment status online, reducing the amount of incoming phone calls
  • Occuvu automatically checks that you are receiving the correct discounts and offers from your suppliers
  • Groups

    Occuvu allow you to group businesses and individuals by any number of categories and include or restrict thier data access. For example you could group all potential customers within a radius of 10 miles giving them sole access to a specific phone number.

    Google Maps

    Display groups of contacts on Google Maps and use special tools to search for contacts in specific areas. Interact with Google Maps using Occuvu charts and use the maps to visulaize data. The Options are endless. For example you can view the success of recent localised marketing activities. You can target a competitors customer base. You can create a delivery route.

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