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Our scheduler can be used for many purposes such as an appointment diary, event planner, practice diary and a regular occurrence reminder. You can even be informed about a persons reliability and likelihood to attend an appointment.
  • Recurring events can be configured on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and agenda views
  • Make appointments for multiple users at once
  • Multiple appointments can be made from any location
  • Diaries can be shared with specific groups
  • You can even allow selected customers to book their own appointments
  • Multiple User View

    View multiple users at once; this allows a receptionist to fill or view appointments for employees all at the same time. This can be very useful for receptionist in doctors surgeries etc.

    Common Appointments

    Occuvu can display the most and least common appointment times so you can attempt to fill the least common ones first.


    To view a demonstration of a scheduler that has not been configured for any particular industry click the link below. You can add an appointment by clicking and dragging over the required time or double clicking a start time. An appointment can be removed or edited by clicking on it.

    View Scheduler

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