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If ever an inventory or stock control system could be exciting, then Occuvu has found a way. This isn't just because we have automated many of the dull and boring processes such as weeding out the poor selling products and analysing which stocks will be needed next week or even next month. It is down to the Occuvu application that allows you to do the standard things you expect from an inventory system as well as the following:
  • Create product records, review product activities and analyse monthly sales values and quantities sold
  • Create and read barcodes
  • Automatically maintain stock levels
  • Stock orders are automatically tracked and you are informed of delays and estimated times of arrival
  • The stock control system can suggest products that will enhance existing ranges based on in-depth system analysis of demographics, trends and current stocks
  • Current stock levels can be analysed to determine the lowest and highest selling products
  • Ratings are assigned to products based on algorithms calculated by the Occuvu system and include quality, environmental, sales and industry specific ratings
  • Product Input

    We have created bespoke product input forms so you don't have to. This makes it much simpler to input products and reduces mistakes that may otherwise occur through a jumbled interface. The major benefit of this however is when for example 'Sony' enters the product description for the new 'Sony HD BX560' you don't have to. You can even automate prices to be a certain percent above cost, so every time a new product comes out or a price changes, the availability and price to your customers changes.

    Product Breakdown

    A complete breakdown of each products demographics is available to every business in the supply chain, this can include the end users age, gender, marital status, income level, hobbies, occupation and location.

    Relative Sales

    Occuvu calculates the relative sales of products by taking into consideration the number of potential customers that have walked past the product in stores and how many have viewed online against how many purchases have been made.

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