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Occuvu is a marketer's dream; a massive amount of demographic and sales information is available regarding not just the sales of your products, but the sales of all members' products. This means that products can be analysed throughout the supply chain, with the end users demographics available including age, gender, marital status, income level, hobbies, occupation and location. Relative sales can be included taking into consideration the number of potential customers that have walked past the product in stores and how many have viewed online against how many purchases have been made. The times and weather conditions at the time of purchase can be collated.
  • Offers can be easily created for single and multiple sales
  • Create letters and email quickly and easily
  • Manage events by sending invitations and record RSVPs
  • A points scheme is available where customers can earn points that can be redeemed against selected products
  • Questionnaires can be quickly and easily created allowing you to keep abreast of current and potential customer concerns
  • Advertising

    Occuvu contains one of the most advanced advertising systems available today. Advertisers can use the product demographics to target suitable customers with promotions and can even follow customers with advertising throughout their sales experience. For example an optical lens company could make sure potential customers with a certain prescription receive notification of their product when an eye examination is due, then again when an examination has been booked and finally during the sales process.

    Campaign Success

    You can track campaign success and receive complete breakdowns including you guessed it demographics of purchasers and non purchasers. Try different adverts on a small audience before launching a marketing campaign.

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