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Membership with Occuvu can be very rewarding for businesses and individuals alike, not least because members receive access to the Occuvu system completely free of charge. The cost of a system similar to Occuvu for a business with 9 employees would be hundreds of Euros per month.

Occuvu enables members to earn an income from activities they carry out on the Occuvu system. The majority of these activities will not take any more time or effort on the members part...curious? Read on.

Every time a member adds a contact to the contact list, they will have a choice of making the contact public or keeping it private. If the contact is kept private only the member that added it will be able to view all the details. If the contact is made public, then all members will be able to view the main contact details such as name, address and activity. When a contact is made public the member that added that contact to the system will receive money every time an order is placed on the Occuvu system by that contact. The amount varies greatly and is dependent on the order value, contact industry, previous contacts made public and membership level. On average a gold member could receive around 50Euros per month per contact added.

When a contact number is added every time the number receives a call or SMS text using the Occuvu system, the member that added the number will receive on average 0.75c per call. The amount is dependant on the cost of the call, previous contact numbers made public and membership level.

When a product is added by a member, each time that product is ordered using the Occuvu system the member that added it receives money. The amount varies greatly and is dependent on product value, seller status product details accuracy as well as membership level. So the member that adds the latest iPhone, designer handbag etc. will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Each new member automatically starts out their Occuvu life with Gold membership status. After the first three months and every month thereafter the membership status is evaluated. Four levels of membership are available; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. A member will receive a bigger income for adding contacts, contact numbers and products the higher their membership status. Members with higher membership levels will receive greater access to the Occuvu system. There are several ways to increase your membership level, these include adding public contacts and contact numbers, opting in to occuPay and occuRate, being an environmentally aware company and being a trustworthy company. However by far the greatest way of improving your Occuvu membership status is by ordering products from other members. So put simply being a member of Occuvu makes you a part of a unique community and by supporting this community you will be rewarded.

Companies or individuals deemed by Occuvu to have acted in an unethical manner will have their membership revoked.

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