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Occuvu is a unique, advanced business management system. Businesses can manage financial data, product sales, customers, marketing, appointments, inventory, staff and customer service using Occuvu. Real time data can be viewed from any place at any time.
  • Users can be assigned different levels of access and computers used to access the system can be restricted
  • Multiple businesses can be controlled and centralised
  • Real time management available on different devices such as mobiles, tablets and PDA's
  • Automatic reminders prompt you when you need to take action, bills to pay, accounts to be chased etc
  • Businesses are given complete control over who can view their contact details such as email, phone and Skype, contact display can be limited to internal use, customers, potential customers or specific groups
  • Businesses can send and receive SMS and MMS texts using the Occuvu system
  • Integrated

    Occuvu is an integrated system which means you do not need to plug in any other software to get the full benefits of Occuvu. So no additional costs for accounting, payroll, stock control or scheduling software and no double entry. When an order is placed inventory, accounts, customer and employee records all know about it. Oh and did we mention Occuvu is Free to use for members and membership is currently free of charge.


    The Occuvu system is constantly updated with up-to-date tax details and other relevant information regarding your business activity. This gives you less to worry about and reduces the chance of missing crucial information. When a new module is created or existing one updated you receive access to them instantly and do not need to download them or install from a disc.


    Occuvu is a web based operating system which until recently would have meant a much slower operating system than desktop based operating software. However Occuvu uses some very advanced and unique web development techniques to speed up the process. This gives members many of the features that exist in current desktop applications such as responsiveness, speed and the feeling that the application is right there on your desktop as well as the huge benefits of a web based system.

    Any web activated equipment can access the system, for instance an account manager can instantly make a sale to a customer from a laptop or mobile phone and know: how many items are in stock, the expected delivery dates and exact price even if the product is linked to a commodity price. Current sales figures are available, plus instant changes can be made to accounts without going back to the office.

    Your customers have access to up-to-the-second product availability, meaning they do not have to wait for a product CD or catalogue which then has to update their system before they can start purchasing products.


    You can change the look of the interface to suit your business, from the overall design and colour down to the font style and colour.


    Occuvu has been developed to operate in any country, using different languages and tax rules. The system has been created to cater for any industry from supermarkets, hotels and restaurants to opticians, warehouses and manufacturers.

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