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Occuvu includes a payroll system with members able to add an unlimited number of employees. Occuvu automatically calculates gross and net pay, tax and National Insurance, in accordance with legislation. The system is capable of automatically calculating employees' sick, maternity, paternity and holidays including holiday weighting.
  • Automate extra payments for your employees, such as calculating double time, tax-free payments, percentage bonuses and extra pay
  • Assign pension scheme details to employees, deductions are made automatically
  • Enter employee status and times quickly and easily
  • Send employee electronic or paper payslips
  • Store employee appraisals, disciplinary records, job, salary history and absences
  • Easily calculate final pay when an employee leaves The system automatically calculates outstanding payments and deductions, including attachment of earnings, holiday payments or company loans.
  • Understand how changes to your payroll can affect your finances, predict the impact of pay increases, bonuses or overtime plans on your business
  • Employee Performance

    Compare employee performance to pay ratio against employees in the same industry. A manufacturer for instance can compare the employees cost per product taking into consideration breakages, returns and customer satisfaction. A salespersons performance can be examined based on sales, retail sales of that product and customer satisfaction.


    Bonuses can be linked to income generated, any type of product sale and even profit sharing. It is possible to create a bonus scheme for all employees selling a certain product over a specified period of time and create individual bonus schemes with no fixed length. Occuvu automatically creates bonus league tables which you can allow staff to view and which add a competitive edge. A points scheme is available where employees can earn points that can be redeemed against selected products.

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